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San Lorenzo El Estorial - Fairy Tale town near Madrid...

After our recording of the Spanish part of IMAGINE with dulcaina player David, our friends that we had met in France, waited for us in the local pub in San Lorenzo El Estorial, a wonderful and peaceful little city in the heart of the mountains near Madrid.

What a great reunion! They came all together to welcome us and to show us their city and their traditions. And one of the most important tradition is (even before music:-) beer and food! It was Easter Sunday, the weather was great and the streets of this small town in the middle of mountains were full of people, children in Sunday dresses playing and running on the main square, their parents drinking coffee or chatting on the street. We skipped the coffee thing and went directly to the pub to try local beer and incredible tapas, jamon, tortilla and very strange parts of the pig (delicious, but I wouldn't have tried them if I had knew before what it is...). I thought that had been the lunch. But this was only the beginning! Next step was a restaurant with specialities of Asturias, the region of the greenest grass, the happiest cows and the best meat of whole Spain! Served with apple cider, in a funny construction that made sure that no one could run out of cider during the whole meal.

A short walk of three minutes after this incredible festive lunch brought us to their favorite cafe where we spent the rest of the day, trying the most delicious cocktails, chatting, laughing and having a great time!

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