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Algarve and the last sausage before America

One of the greatest surf spots of the world is on Algarve, too bad that we don't surf! But, still it's a great place full of wonderful beaches and very special landscape! The rough coast with the rocks poking out of the water in different form and color with the dark blue Pacific ocean, still too cold to take a swim in the month of April.

For our recording of the Portuguese video on the song "Meu Fado" (Mariza), it was perfect because the beach was still empty of tourists, only a few surfers enjoyed their lives outside in the virtuoso waves. Arriving on the most Western point of whole Portugal, the most exposed point of Europe (!),we had a crazy experience. We parked near to the Lighthouse, above the high cliffs and the wind was so strong there that our caravan moved like someone was shaking it. Going out would be risky, we would have been blown away immediately, who knows where in the dark... The caravan didn't stop to shake and we tried to google if it has happened that caravans fall on the side... No network in this thunderstorm and going back in the wind was not an option. So, we tried to sleep, I was dreaming of a journey in a ferry boat (really!) and waking up the next morning, it was more calm. We went out and found a chair hanging on top of our bikes, empty trash bins in front of the door and some other funny things on strange places. And the whole caravan was covered with SALT!! The mix of wind and the very salty Pacific Ocean filled every corner with tiny white cristals, even under the caravan. Salt is very bad for the bodywork and basically for every part of a vehicle, especially in the high percentage of the Pacific Ocean! That's why, our first stop would be the car wash, cleaning carefully our dear home.

But before that, we did two important things: a very windy recording on the cliffs of the most Western Part of Europe, and enjoying the "last sausage before America" ...

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