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One day with Don Quixote de la Mancha

Consuegra is the little town that everyone knows from the legends. It's one of the most famous symbols of Spain and even the main picture of our Spanish Book is taken in Consuegra. Here are the windmills of Don Quixote! It's one thing to read about it or to see pictures, but way more exciting to see them live! From the road many kilometres away, we could already see the silhouettes of the windmills built on top of a hill. Driving up with the caravan on the tiny road along the hill already felt adventurous and seeing the "little windmills" in their original seize, was really impressing! It was around sunset and we were alone here! We could hear the footsteps of Don Quixote himself and his breath just behind us... A magical place! Time for some magical recordings for our Spain Video! For the music of this region, Castilla La Mancha, we chose typical Folk Music and my personal Don Quixote on the violin played the main theme in the sunset in front of a magical coulisse with the view on the wide and endless landscape that reminded us on Toscany...

After a sunset, there is always a sunrise... We wanted also this scene with a different light and angle in our video. We got up at 6 o'clock, prepared ourselves for filming and did some great shots, still alone, or with Don Quixote hiding somewhere and observing us, who knows... After the video recording, at 9o'clock, the main windmill opened his door. No, not the master himself came out, but a young lady preparing the touristy shop inside the windmill. She put out a huge speaker with music and were ready to sell postcards, stickers, tiny plastical Don Quixotes, windmills for the wall at home and much more.

The first cars and crowds of tourists arrived and it was time for us to go on. We had enjoyed the most magical moments before...

Reading the book, will be different, next time...

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