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A sunny day on the Cantabrian Coast!

After our concert in France, many recordings and over 1000km in two days, we needed a break to collect new inspiration, energy and recovering for our backs... So, we decided to take a day off and go for a hike to explore the Cantabrian coast where we ended up after our last stop "dragonstone" yesterday.

The weather was more than perfect- "which you cannot expect at all on the Northern coast" - a local inhabitant told us. She said, today, it was not an option to take a walk, but a MUST and described us a nice hike on the coast that connects two lonely beaches.

The excursion was a jackpot! Walking for hours in fresh and green grass along the coast with a permanent view on the light blue water that smashed on the rocks with an incredible power, spraying thousands of white drops in a radius of at least thirty meters! I was once again impressed by the unlimited power water has, you could see on the rock formations how it is slowly and permanently "eating" the stones transforming them into interesting creatures...

We saw quite a few cows on our walk, and they saw us, or better starred at us like if they saw a human being the first time in their lives. Same cow behavior and relatively stupid look that I knew from any other European cow until now, but these animals somehow looked a lot healthier! Their fur was deep black or brown, shiny like after a good shower. I combined the fact that they have a rainy shower almost every day and that they eat this juicy grass and flowers of a great variety. For a short moment, I wanted to have a bite of this grass myself, it looked fresh and inviting, like a vegetarian salat. Maybe combined with a nice and happy piece of steak - Ivan would have thought...;-)

Arriving at our destination - second lonely beach of the day- I went for a little walk on the stones and the clean and shiny water inbetween. A real paradise!

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