• Caroline Busser

When it’s too perfect, don’t trust it…

The highlight of our “to-do-list” was a very unusual graveyard on the Norwegian border! Stephanie had told us that this would be the number one of all abandoned places and she was right! We were excited and couldn’t wait to see the place!

The last hour, we drove on a very bad road in small curves through the dense woods. The road was so small that we hoped that there would be no contraflow so that we need to evade in this muddy terrain with our caravan. But there was no danger. Nobody was driving here…

And after the last curve: there it was! Hundreds of American and German old-timers from the 40s, 50s, 60s were spread out in the area, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, VW Beetle, like in movies!

Some of them covered with moos, hidden in the dense forest, others parked orderly on a huge field of grass like in a usual parking place. Some cars in the woods were stacked on top of each other, trees growing through them so that you can feel the nature taking over human achievement… On one car, there was a graffiti that explains the crazy truth of this place: “Nature is taking over, bitch!”.

And there is this story behind: all these cars belonged to the US military who left them after the second world war on this private ground. This was a colossal vivid museum, perfect for our Sweden movie and we explored the area without instruments to choose the best spots to record. It was really deserted here! Except a few freaky photographers we met lying in the forest to make historical pictures of a rotten car in a very special angle and two creepy guys in black jackets standing next to the old house, we didn’t see anyone. We did some very productive recording sessions in this special Hollywood-like coulisse and the drone allowed us to have an entire view on this magic place.

But when something is too perfect, don’t trust it: Going back to the caravan after work, we had a very bad surprise! The small wooden box with all our SD cards that we left on the stone in front of the house was gone!!! The SD cards with all other recordings from the Sweden trip! Panic!!! The work of three weeks gone? I couldn’t breathe and had tears in my eyes. Doing all Sweden again? Before I could pronounce a word, Ivan said: “I saved them all on the hard disc.” Best message ever!

But still we didn’t get how this could happen in the middle of a car cemetery? We rated this place safer than any other place and barely locked our caravan (luckily that we locked it anyway!!). Could old cars steel or was this place so magic that things just vanish into thin air? There was nobody! …except… Suddenly, I remembered the men in black! I looked around, but there was no one. But I’m sure that they took the box while we recorded. Mafia in in the middle of nowhere!

Maybe these men were the owner of the place? Looking closer at the house, we read a message nailed to a door: “This car cemetery is a private property. You may look, take pictures, but do not take away parts. (…). After 30 burglaries this year, I’m fed up with it! I’ve made traps in the buildings so if you get hurt or die, I DON’T CARE! Remember in this place no one can hear you scream…”

It was time to leave this horror movie without having the enigma’s solution. Just get away from this creepy place. You are welcome to have our SD cards for these great recordings that we made here and that no one will steel from us!!


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