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Waiting for the sun…

Ramundberget, a valley in the middle of the Swedish mountains, is a ski resort in the winter and a hiking paradise in spring and early summer! In late summer, it was different… Google Maps said that we were surrounded by mountains, but we didn’t see any! The whole valley was covered by dense fog, you barely could see your own hand! And it stayed like this for three days!! Exactly these three days that we had great plans to film in the Swedish mountains! What could we do?! (this time it was unfortunately not an option to evade in the French mountains…). We waited and waited, praying for good weather or at least for seeing some mountain appearing in front of us! And in the meantime, we passed the time eating pancakes (one of our favourite occupation on rainy or foggy caravan evenings!), practicing and rehearsing a lot! The last evening arrived and we would have to leave the mountains the next day to stay in the schedule for the other recordings that we had planned. When we got to sleep, we were disappointed not to have one spot on the film and not to have seen any mountain in real… But: surprise! The next morning, I woke up from the bright light. How was this possible?

The sun was shining!!!

And looking out of our window, we saw mountains everywhere!!! And nicer that we had imagined them! We jumped out of bed, packed our equipment for filming in a hurry (who knows when the fog will return) and took the first lift to the mountains top (who would have chosen to hike when there’s a ski lift working in the summer time, especially with the cello…). We had a great but very cold recording session on Ramundberget. Because of the enthusiasm that the fog had gone, I forgot that the freezing temperatures hadn’t gone and on top of the mountain with the frosty wind it was an unpleasant fight with the cold… After each take, I ran like a crazy horse on the hills covered with dry plants and tiny lakes to get warm and not to shake during recording… Never mind, the view was just great and you could see the Helags glacier that was for sure even colder! A spot where I would like to return in the winter time (with gloves and down jacket!), pure nature and snow, a true paradise!!!

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