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Toilet concert...

We had a concert in LUNA BAR Copenhagen, what a nice name, you can imagine a very romantic spot chilling and drinking cocktails! Their event manager had invited us for a concert and we were looking forward to play for the first time in beautiful Copenhagen that we had heard being one of the most wonderful capitals in Europe! Looking forward sharing our music and project with a big Danish public, getting to know Danish culture and people!

Arriving at LUNA bar, we didn't feel any connection to luna which means "moon", it was a very dark and dirty place in the basement of a building we entered from outside by stairs.

The floor was sticky and the "artist room" was next to the toilet which didn't make any difference as the whole place was smelling like a huge toilet! We looked at each other, feeling the same, but keeping to think positive: let's give it a chance! Never mind the place, we want to share our ideas with people in every place and circumstances! The bar man, a young Chilean student made cocktails that looked very promising (of course, with south american blood he was very professional in this domain...). The perspective of Mojito after the concert motivated us to stay and play! The concert started at eight and there was nobody. Only the bar man and us. The event manager had excused herself, she wouldn't be able to come. Maybe, the Danish public is not on time like in Greece where every concert starts one our later than announced. But no one came and we wouldn't see any Danish this evening... But a very colorful Argentinian lady entered the Luna Bar with her two kids and this was enough motivation to start our concert. We like to play for children and now, there were more people in the public than artists on the stage, perfect! We played with lots of energy, for ourselves and for the girls that danced on the sticky floor to Mozart, Händel and Led Zeppelin that we performed. After our performance, we enjoyed one or two fantastic Mojitos, had a nice chat with the bar man and left in the middle of the night. One other record: the smallest concert ever... But at least, we would be payed the amount that we lost on the expensive bridge entering Denmark the day before. That's what we thought. ...before we received the message from the Event manger that UNFORTUNATELY they would not be able to pay us and that they feel very sorry! This completed our image that we had in Denmark until now and didn't even surprise or disappoint us too much. At least, playing the concert, we had made two children happy...

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