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Recording under Sweden’s biggest waterfall!

Njupeskär is the name of the biggest waterfall in whole Sweden and of course we chose this one to be in our video! This was the next destination and we had quite a long and slow drive on tiny “reindeer-roads” to finally arrive in Särna in the late night, where the hike trail to the waterfall starts. There were already lots of cars and caravans waiting for the morning to hike to this famous attraction. As we avoid people being in our nature recordings, there was only one option: getting up at 4 o’clock (same unpleasant procedure). Of course, we were the first early birds, half in trance, we did our morning exercise, a few hours hike and we reached – still in the early morning – THE waterfall!

You can reach the waterfall on the bottom and there is another hike to lead you on top where the water starts to fall… We did first some recordings on the bottom, I climbed the wet rocks with cello and concert dress to reach the nearest point possible to have a great impression of this incredible nature spectacle in our video. Big compliment to my dear Ricci Carbon Cello that took the challenge like nothing, not even the biggest waterfall can irritate him!

The recording place was so near to the waterfall that I was suddenly surrounded by millions of tiny water drops, like a mix of rain and the highest possible humidity level. And again, it was damn cold and wet, and I forced myself to look like I was so much enjoying the beautiful music I played. Looking forward for the southern European countries where it feels right to wear a thin concert dress…

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