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Preparations for the big trip after the winter break!

After our winter break of four months, THE day had come and we were ready to start our project "Music Connects Europe" again!

The last weeks were full of preparations in every imaginable field, writing arrangements, recording the music for our videos for Spain, Portugal and Italy, playing concerts and renovating our caravan! These two different fields of "handwork" were interesting to combine. We parked three entire days in front of the DIY store, visited it about 25 times, (everyone knew us by name at the end) to buy all equipment to create new floor, new white walls, a high-tech wooden table to make our new home perfect! Cutting, glueing, measuring with our poor musician hands and even cutting in my left hand with the very sharp cutter knife made it quite difficult to realize the "fine hand-work" on the concert after the renovation- days... But it was worth it and our caravan is now ready for the big trip!

New member on board!

Of course, we had to do lots of burocraty, insurance stuff and paper work because we are taking sabbatical time off from our places in German orchestras. But let's not talk about paper work, there are way more interesting things in life:-). Also, we had new ideas and creations for our project, new logo, new publicity material, new banner so that we had a daily visit from our favourite postman, inviting him for coffee for climbing so many stairs for us these days... And the most important thing: we have a new partner for our trip: the CARBON VIOLA!!! We had the great chance that RicciCarbonInstruments is giving us this viola for the time of our trip, for videos and for concerts. Ivan is very happy about the sound, looking forward to play it! We will have the whole "carbon family" on board: violin, viola and for me: my cello, and I'm very much looking forward playing and recording on it again! concerts, in the sun, under the rain...

Saying bye to my orchestra, my dear friends, my beloved cat Tita (no worries, friends will take care of her!), family and my wooden cello.

See you in october!

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