• Caroline Busser

One mysterious airport…

Another funny story: some years ago, on a trip to the Northern Cape, she discovered an airport in the middle of literally NOWHERE! It was abandoned, but looked like if yesterday had been the last flight, everything was ready, the flag of the airline company blowing in the wind, the control tower with offices, some nice cars waiting outside, the keys inside, full tank, ready to go! But nobody there, spooky… Could have been a Sunday or holiday, going back to normal the next day, you might think… Five years later, a friend of Stephanie went to the North Cape and she sent him to this abandoned airport to check if something had changed. Coming back, hey compared the pictures. The cars were exactly on the same place, still ready to go, the flag had a little polished, just the coulisse of the weather was different. Stephanie called the airline company to disclose the secret. They didn’t know anything about an airport in this part of Sweden… It remains a mystery…

Stephanie is a real artist, pure and idealistic, she found her own very authentic and creative way to build her universe of art and life. And a very heartful and helpful person, we were happy that she crossed our way!

About abandoned places on our way, she gave us some coordinates where we could film for our Sweden video, for example an abandoned car graveyard on the Norwegian border that had to be in the video for sure! I was thrilled how many abandoned places there were in Sweden, but on the other hand with the dimension of this country rich in nature and space, it was not so surprising… I told her that you couldn’t find any abandoned place in Germany (we agree: a quite crowded country with no wild nature and lots of industry…). She showed me her map of Germany with hundreds of these places that she had visited! We decided that she will pick us up on her next trip to Germany to show us the “secret corners” of my country😊.

But first, we will go on a trip with her to the North of Sweden!!!

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