• Caroline Busser

On the street in Copenhagen...

To make up the money that we didn't earn on the concert and that we lost for crossing the expensive bridge, we had to find it somewhere else... As we had made great experience playing spontaneously on the street in Stockholm after our video shooting, we decided to do the same in Copenhagen! In Stockholm, after a short while, a big crowd standing and listening to us, interested in our playing and project, even people living in the old town's houses looked at us from their windows throwing down money and letters...

In Copenhagen, it was very different. Although we played with the same energy and enthusiasm than in a real concert, nobody was interested in us, a few people rushed by, had a short look and disappeared in the crowd. We earned 10€ in one hour and felt like begging dogs that are in the way of the stressed business people. It gave us the feeling that time and money is more important than enjoying life and the whole city is in a capitalistic system. One situation had shocked me personally. A little girl stopped and looked fascinated at us, observing Ivan's violin, mouth open. Her "business mother" pulled her away roughly, apparently they hadn't time for this unexpected interruption...

We played in different spots, for two reasons: first: to try if this impression would change on a different part of the city - and it didn't. Second: we were chased from the shops of Gucci and Co that felt disturbed their clean image by these "street musicians". They told us in a very polite but cold way that this is "soooooo nice, but unfortunately here it is not possible".

It is a shame that music cannot contribute to a city life, that it maybe would keep people for a minute from the daily routine and rushing, to listen, breath and think...

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