• Caroline Busser

It's the best plan not to have a plan...

Leaving the car graveyard, we saw among the old timers from the time of second world war: a historical caravan! Before we could make our mind, how this piece from old times could get here, one "historical" couple looked out of the window and smiled at us very friendly. They must have approximately the same birth year than the car, I thought... In fact, they were visitors from the Netherlands touring through Sweden with their charming RV. They invited us to have a look inside their home, it was filled with decoration, plants, plastic animals, handmade curtains, christmas- like- lamp accessories, souvenirs from all over the world, every millimeter showed some surprise, I felt like in a museum! Both of them sitting on the RV- sofa completed this impression... A little too much for our taste, but this "art chaos" fitted perfectly to these people that had incredible experience in traveling and shared lots of interesting information with us! As they were serious old timer- freaks, they had known about this secret place and were fascinated about his unique character! Google Maps was ahead of their times and talking about places they would recommend, the man pulled out two dozens of maps in ever imaginable size that he had completed with his own notes and informations. Until now, we hadn't had an exact idea where to go next, but we had one plan now!

One hour later, we sat in our (in comparison very modern and organized!!) RV, heading to the destination that the couple had chosen for us. Google Maps helped us to find it and two hours later, we stood on the cliffs of Fjällbacka, a very charming village 110 km in the North of Goethenborg. Surrounded by cliffs, it was very isolated for centuries and one of the most important fishing villages of the area. The thousand of Islands in front of Fjällbacka looked at the map as if someone had sprinkled the sea with tiny stones!

This phenomena is special on Sweden's West Coast and the little stone Islands are called Archipelago. I could imagine to spend a couple of weeks on one of these tiny islands, surrounded by fresh and clear water and delicious fish daily delivered by the Fjällbacka fishermen... But enough of dreaming: we had to work and make recordings on this charming spot that would characterise one more different part of Swedens beauty! The beautiful church crowning the village on the highest rock, the tiny hilly lanes leading to the ocean and the fisher boats waiting on the small harbor to depart...


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