• Caroline Busser

Abandoned places!

We were curious about the places Stephanie would recommend us, but we were absolutely astonished when she did! She has a very unusual passion: discovering abandoned places all over the world! Since 20 years, nearly half of her live, she is traveling with her off-road-car in a great variety of countries and continents to find, discover and take photos in sites such as sanatoriums, fun parks, paper fabrics, schools, all abandoned since long time… I’m not a big fan of photo presentation on the computer, but when we sat in her sister’s kitchen with her showing us this great photography combined with the thrilling stories of the adventure behind each shot, I was pulled in another world, a new universe of art overwhelmed me! (Traveling by caravan with instruments felt suddenly normal 😊 ) . We had the chance to meet her at home, before she was heading off to the North of Sweden for a couple weeks in her car, all on her own and with a bunch of survival equipment in the trunk such as axe, scoop, saw… In the north of Sweden you never know which road hadn’t been used for a couple weeks or is hidden by fallen trees or disappeared in the snow… Or in the fire: her last experience was quite ripe for a horror movie. From far, she saw a huge and blazing fire destroying the whole part of a forest. What “normal” people do: going back, saving their lives. What photographers do: taking out the saw to cut the tree that is blocking the road to approach the nearest possible to make the most amazing surreal pictures in middle of the scene, the fire man had just arrived themselves to fight against the flames. Although there where photographers from the newspaper to “document” the happening, Stephanie’s pictures were another artistic league! They are touching and looking at them, you nearly feel being in the fire yourself! And they happened to be chosen for an important exhibition in Hedemora. What was the biggest surprise for Stephanie: when she went to the Vernissage Opening, she saw that one picture was chosen to fill the whole wall, on a dimension of a couple meters!


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