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Music Connects Europe - Instagram Connects People!

Music Connects Europe - Instagram Connects People!

We didn’t choose our next destination, the destination chose us, thanks to Instagram! This internet platform is normally not a communication forum for real life, but this time it made us find a very special person in “3D”! (For person that are less used to the virtual way of life: Instagram is a platform to tell stories only with pictures, classified by different subjects. The communication consists in following and being followed by other users). We joined Instagram for our journey, and (maybe without being modest, sorry), our gallery from the trip happens to be very interesting and colourful showing different parts of our journey, if it made you curious, you are welcome to follow us on :-). Back to the story…: One of our followers, Stephanie, a Swedish photographer, invited us to come to her place in Hedemora to show us the most beautiful places in her country by GPS coordinates. We were happy to accept and as her place was quite on the way to our next destination Mora, we drove there immediately after our “inspiration holiday” in the Färnebofjjärden National Park. She lives in a nature place in a romantic house by the river (you kind of don’t need to go to holiday any more) and we felt immediately great by the warm welcome of Stephanie, her sisters family and Bilbo, the young Dalmatian that has the energy of 10 horses! Bilbo is a huge dog, half a year old that had grown so fast that in his mind he is still a baby dog, acting clumsy and not understanding the quick changing of his body. He jumps on you surprisingly from the back, you fall to the floor and he is so happy that he is licking your face like ice cream. In the house, as he remembered the inventory to be more spacious, he was bumping every minute into a table or shelf! But he is still cute like a baby dog and you forgive him every plate of soup or book shelf falling on the floor in a steady rhythm…

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