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The most "unperfect" timing...

We had a “charming shooting” in Gamla Stan in the early morning to take advantage of the sunrise dunking these narrow alleys in a shiny and golden colour reflecting under the matutinal sky…

I liked the atmosphere in the sleeping town being witness how it slowly got back to life. Small road sweepers broke the silence, cornering around in the labyrinth cleaning every angle, diligent like ants. They just finished cleaning our favourite spot, a small square with colourful houses and a historical fountain standing proudly in the middle spitting water trustworthy since centuries. We were alone, only occasionally, some “early birds” going to early work at 6 in the morning crossed the place on bikes or walking. Some looked tired, moving slowly, others rushed motivated or in panic to be late… But everyone fitted in this picture of Stockholm awaking slowly to start the day. At 6.25 (and I watched the time because we had just finished the recording), within seconds a hundred of Chinese’s invaded the place, so that the fountain somehow disappeared.

Did I miss something? Is China occupying Sweden? They were armed in a different way, with newest models of Nikon, Sony, Canon, shooting very motivated and efficient every angle of the place bringing the most pictures possible back home where is more time to enjoy their beauty... Five minutes later, they had disappeared through the numerous ways leading star-shaped to the place, to “work off” the next touristy attractions. Suddenly quiet again, it felt spooky, like nothing had happened…

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