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Video shooting on a boat…

Video shooting on a boat…

The next day, we were sitting in a motor boat with video equipment, instruments and concert dress. Sitting in the boat, playing and being filmed by the drone alone, making circles around us was the plan! And we did it on a perfect spot in between some tiny islands. Technique makes it possible and you can teach the drone how to fly and film, it will do it alone! But the landing in the boat was quite complicated. We hadn’t thought about the fact that the propeller needs quite a radius to land properly and a boat was way too small for a smooth landing, the wind made it even more difficult. Landing in the water would have been easy, but was not an option for us, we didn’t want the drone to drown… But we have to admit that we were ready to sacrifice everything for a great recording, and this shot definitely was! I went on the border of the boat, holding the two instruments, with wet hands of nerviness, balancing not to fall overboard. Ivan standing on the opposite angle to liberate the maximum space for the drone landing. The big moment came, and after quite a fight between Ivan and the wind, he managed to pilot the drone into the boat. After some ugly and noisy bangs, crushing back and forth in every corner of the boat, the drone stood silent suddenly, and it seemed to look perplexed and anxiously at us. Suddenly I felt sorry: no, we wouldn’t sacrifice him anymore, he’s a brave and true friend that had worked hard for us in all kind of conditions during the whole trip!

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