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One paradise…

I might have mentioned that after our stay in the big cities, we were in desperate need of nature… We had a serious look at Google Maps searching for an appropriate National Park on our way from Stockholm to Mora: Färnebofjärden National Park won the game and we headed towards the North without detour, only stopped once in the last supermarket to buy tons of food (and fika!) to survive our time in the nature… We were lucky to find a campground on the lake that suited perfectly for our desire of quietness.

We planned on taking a few days off from practicing, arranging, writing, rehearsing, organizing and filming (at least one of these tasks had accompanied us every day until now and we needed some air to refresh our brains…). We couldn’t know that this amazing place would inspire us in such intensive way that would be very productive filming in the heart of the nature reserve.

And this camp spot was very special! Dominique and Pascale, two nature lovers from Switzerland, created this place. They live half of the year in Switzerland working as life coaches, spending their summers in Sweden, realizing their project of nature camping. I can say that I haven’t seen such a great camping spot near to nature where you can really feel alone enjoying quietness and freedom. Dominique is a kayak expert that developed kayak maps of the National park exploring new routes, possibilities are various in this paradise of endless lakes! You could spend days and weeks exploring the water without being on the same spot twice! And if you were, it would be different according to the 1001 weathers possible. When the sun is shining, the air is calm, the clear water is sparkling, it pulls you in another world, like meditation. We made this experience by taking a kayak exploring this paradise ourselves!

We were so inspired and motivated that for beginners, we did quite a huge tour so that we were a bit surprised how long the way back would take and how our arms would be suffering in the following days... But in meditation we didn’t realize and got so inspired and convinced by a couple of spots perfect for video shooting that we decided to break our intention not to work on our project…

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