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Something unexpected in Stockholm pedestrian zone…

Something unexpected in Stockholm pedestrian zone…

The shooting in Gamla Stan later in the afternoon was crowded in an expected dimension. It was an experiment for us as well as for the people that we filmed in the most famous and at the same time tiny narrow street Västerlangatan. In concert dress, I played, eye closed in the middle of this street, people rushing by, some were astonished about this unusual happening, some were in their usual rush so they didn’t realize, some stopped to watch and listen, especially kids (maybe for them it was normal😊).

During the recording, of course, I only realized the wind of passengers “flying by”, the noise, the talk and some small collisions with people realizing too late that there was a cellist in the middle of the alley… And I realized just in time that there was a huge delivery truck behind me (what the hell was he doing in the pedestrian zone?). While I was absorbed in my music world playing the last bars of the Swedish Folk Song “Lat Till Far”, I heard finally Ivan screaming “Caro, LKWWWWW!”, opened my eyes and looking back, indeed, I saw a big licence tag followed by a big white vehicle waiting for me to take my cello and chair, moving to the street’s corner to continue his path with a smile… That wasn't enough: a police car came too... Luckily, they seemed cool about this unusual happening and didn't arrest us...

After the recording session, we decided to share some of our ICstring-music, playing a small concert and talking about our project on Västerlangatan, for the Stockholm inhabitants and tourists. We soon had a huge fan crowd, some gave us a letter with nice words, a man listening from the 4th floor of his apartment roped down an envelope with a letter and “project donations”. Also, we met a very “international” Tango dancer, originally from Syria who had lived in nearly every continent and climate region in the past 20 years. Two years ago, he decided to live and dance his tango style (very much influenced by his period in Argentina!) in Sweden, getting to know this new culture, climate and style of life. He invited us to play at one of the next Tango Festivals, we would love to come back as soon as our project will be finished!

After these experiences, we can admit with quiet conscience that we had fallen in love at “second sight” with Stockholm and despite the ugly weather, the expensive bike locker and the horrible bridge camp, we were fascinated of its very special atmosphere, multicultural and traditional people, fine architecture, charming canals, parks and thousand and one bridges…

We will definitely come back! …but now it’s time for NATURE!

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