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The "coolest" video shooting ever!!

Our video shooting in the ICEBAR Stockholm was the literally coolest recording ever! This wasn’t of course very unexpected as you need hard minus temperatures to keep the thick ice blocks alive while warm butts are sitting on them 😊 “Regular” ice bar guests without a cello receive a really big and thick jacket in Zorro style covering the whole body and of course nice and warm gloves not get frozen to their cocktail glass.

Thanks to the very nice hotel manager we could use the bar during the day without guest (but without cocktails). We didn’t use the full capacity of these hours because in concert dress and playing with naked fingers, I soon felt like being one of these ice blocks myself! I was concentrating hard not to need too many takes and ran out at the end of each take to warm up. Each take became colder and my fingers stiff like a branch in a winter forest risking cracking in the faster parts of the music. And I must tell my full respect to my Carbon Cello that didn’t complain about the cold, still gave the best and trustworthy warm sound and tried to warm my hands…😊 Just coming out of the bar it was “crying” covered with ice cold condensed water. After the recording, the hotel lady offered us a coffee, the best and hottest coffee of my life, I felt the brown gold running through my cold blood heading to my frozen fingers slowly awaking them back to life…

See how it looked like:

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