• Caroline Busser


In my whole life, I didn't see so many bikes in one day than in Copenhagen City Center! Bikers are the leading the traffic and cars have to go with the biker's flow...

The dimension of bike and car roads are somehow exchanged, the biker is the king! In the city, you can find an incredible density of bike shops, bike cafes, bike hotels, bike fashion stores and rental bikes for tourists. On the street, you can see a great variety of every possible bike version you can imagine: very colorful, shiny exemplars with creative accessories like bells in form of animals, wooden baskets decorated with huge plastic flowers and even big and very professional rear mirrors to observe the traffic in every direction. Bikes usually have a seat and two wheels, at least that's what I thought. But in Copenhagen, some bikes have three seats or three wheels, there are tandems, "Three-dems" (?), bikes for a whole family with children department driven by the dad in most of the cases! How your bike looks is who you are! Bikers transporting shopping bags or huge plants on their vehicle: Who needs a car?! On the red light, it was very fascinating to observe these different specimen. But, when the light turned green, I had trouble to get on my (very modest German all-round-) bike to leave in time not to get over rolled by thousands of wheels starting very professional and efficient in the right gear.

You feel like being part of the start of Tour de France, flying with the crowd: you don't have a chance to stuck too long on the red light. I learned this very fast :-)

It's a great thing that the bike is dominating the character of a city, that the infrastructure is contributing to less cars, more ecological balance and healthy citizens...


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