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"But how did you get there?" Stone recording

The shooting on the stone that we had chosen the day before, poking out in the middle of a lake, looked awesome, but the realization of the filming was tricky. Lots of people asked us after looking at the “stone picture” how this was possible (suggesting the funniest possible scenarios...;-). So here is the solution of the enigma: like gentlemen normally do, Ivan brought me to the stone by boat, I climbed on the slick rock, took cello and bow and tried to find a more or less comfortable pose to sit and wait.

This was the was the easiest part… What happened behind the scenes was way more thrilling and I had the great privilege to observe! I told that it wasn’t an option any more to land the drone in the boat, so Ivan had to find a spot on the land. There were quite a few islands around, but difficult to access. He didn’t have a choice and piloted the boat through a muddle of sea plants to the shore. The ground was dry, but the grass was higher than him and he took the raw to plane the territory so that the drone had space to land. Screaming Serbian power words and working serious with this huge wooden stick, he looked like fencing with an invisible enemy: this scene was like cinema comedy and I couldn’t stop laughing secretly on my stone. Suddenly I thought of the article about wildlife in this national park I had read this morning: “… especially snakes of a scary size feeling comfortable near water often hiding in long grass…” I would tell Ivan after the recording, too late now, and anyway, there was no danger: either his screaming had scared the snakes away or he had killed them with the raw…

Finally, we could start filming, but as I said, this was daily routine for us, except the feeling when I played: concentration not to fall into the water and the endless feeling freedom being literally surrounded by nature…!

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