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A very forbidden conversation!

The beauty of Gamla Stan was of course predestined for appearing in our Sweden video representing the charm of Stockholm. In the heart of Gamla Stan is the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace is of course watched over night and day by the Royal Guards standing in their little house staring determined and very concentrated in front of them and they are not allowed to talk to anyone, no matter the question. This is strict rule of their London colleagues.

We tried it anyway (the risk was not too big: if he answered, it would mean that there is no rule and he is not angry with us. If he wasn’t allowed to answer, he couldn’t insult us. And if he insulted us although it was forbidden for him to talk, it would be him the rule-breaker!). So, Ivan managed to blaze a trail through the crowd to ask him our question: is it possible to fly the drone near the Royal Palace? I watched the proceeding from far… and I was surprise that they seemed to have a nice chat! Coming back, he told me that he was a cool guy, interested in our project and giving him some advices for good locations to film. Although it was of course forbidden to fly the drone over the Palace (anyway it wouldn’t be interesting, the Royal Family was in their summer residence in Öland!), the chat was interesting and I’m sure it made also the guard’s day to finally talk to someone…

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