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City of 1001 bridges…

Stockholm is expensive! For the price of our parking under the bridge, you can rent a fancy hotel room in many other cities… For the price of a tiny flat you can buy a big house, private lake included in the Northern Part of Sweden (and I know what I would chose!).

Stockholm is the cultural, architectural, modern and of course economical center of Sweden and “everybody” wants to live here! It’s the city of 1001 bridges, islands, charming combination of sea- and city life, going to work by boat, world-famous Jazz and Blues bars, numerous parks in the cities. An international, multicultural center of Scandinavian modern life style!

To manage the heavy traffic of cars and boats, there is a well organized system of water gates. It's seems like a surreal dream in the movie "Inception" when the street in front of you suddenly become vertical...

Seeing all this under a finally sunny sky, Stockholm had convinced us being a special city! The daily rainbow appearing in the dark blue sky after some miserable and wet hours makes you forgive the high and regular amount of rain that is bucketing down each day. There is not one rain in Sweden, there are many types of rains, approximately 1001 types, one for each bridge… “Hällregn” is the Swedish expression for hellish pouring rain and it’s only one of the words for this undesirably water coming from the sky, from the sides and if the wind is mean, from every side so that an umbrella becomes useless. I didn’t see many umbrellas in Stockholm (except in the tourist areas), but there is a great variety of design rain capes and boots, so that the weather promotes a sort of fashion style…

We spent quite a time to figure out the best spots to film in Stockholm, checked the locations and made a plan for the next days. Also, we were curious to discover more, to meet locals and be part of the original life of Sweden’s capital!

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