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Stockholm- first/worst impression…

“The best of Stockholm is what you see in the mirror on the highway leaving the city…” one man from Dalarna country would tell us later and we know what he meant… Let’s say, after 3 days we got familiar with the city, our first opinion was reversed, and we had definitely some great moments that we wouldn’t want to miss, but the first days we didn’t enjoy very much… To be fair, we have to admit that after the cities of Southern Sweden, recordings, concerts, we were so ready to finally get some real nature and to see the “heart” of Sweden that this was not the best timing for a city visit again…

Driving into Stockholm in a rain density of a waterfall, it suddenly felt like sitting in a submarine, we chose a random point on the map, Gamla Stan, which unfortunately happened to be the historical city center. Although there are many caravans in Sweden (kind of invasion in the South from Germans, Danish, Dutch campers), we were suddenly the only caravan, between red double buses and taxi drivers that didn’t look friendly through our wet windows. If there wasn’t so much rain, I would have more enjoyed our private sightseeing tour. Especially with some sun, Gamla Stan would show itself some days later as wonderful romantic place, the Royal Palace surrounded by tiny little cobblestone streets, interesting old buildings with great architecture, undestroyed by any war… Of course, we didn’t see all this now, because -surprise- there were no parking spot designated for caravans, not even for cars, they try to keep the place “clean” from vehicles, a very good idea, I must admit! An hour later and after a tragic search for parking in various parts of the town, we found our parking place for the next five days, the most unromantic spot you can imagine, situated under the biggest bridge of Stockholm (of course biggest means loudest!). 200 caravans (here they were!) squeezed like in Japanese Subway! Stepping out of the door, you had to look left and right not to be run over by other tourists and if the bridge wasn’t so loud day and night long, I’m sure you would have heard your neighbors snore… And did I mention that this night mare was not for free, but they charge you 40€ per night (I think they should refund you instead…).

So, the first two days we stayed at home in pyjama, curtain closed, listening to music, eating immense amounts of pancakes, writing blog, arranging music and practicing louder than the bridge… When it finally stopped raining for the first time after these couple days, we stepped out, grabbed our bikes and rode into town to accomplish our first mission, to by a new lock. Between two different very expensive specimens, we chose the very expensive one, of course in great quality, even the key has a tiny lamp to find the lock or the bike, I don’t know… (but I like the shiny orange color), so that now we are not sure what to be more afraid of: that someone steels the bike or this precious lock…

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