Music Connects Europe

Music Connects Europe

Music Connects Europe

We travel in all countries of the European Union with our caravan and our music! 


We have one goal – showing that music knows no bounds,

crosses borders and connects cultures!



Europe is currently facing many challenges. We hope to support the ideal of a united Europe and to show that humanity, nature and music know no bounds and can connect people. Music can be a builder of bridges.

What is it about?

On our tour across Europe, we will spend one year visiting various countries and different cultures. In each country, we play concerts as Duo ICstrings and work together with local musicians in workshops and conservatories, offering cultural promotions and musical masterclasses.

In each of these countries we will record a music video, showcasing a local piece of music and displaying the traits, scenery and culture of each location.

We will make a video of John Lennons IMAGINE together with artists from each country to connect all of them in one song.

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