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One meeting was a funny coincidence suiting perfectly with the main content of our project: Imagine of John Lennon. We got to know the Swedish “John Lennon”, Johanna connected us with him and told us to meet him in Stockholm, his name is John M. and if he wasn’t 30 years younger than the actual John Lennon, we would have sworn it’s him😊.

John M John L

The way to speak, to move, his haircut and to make it perfect, even his glasses looked so natural that the image was complete. John is a very interesting guy, guitar player, building his own instruments, an amazing story and anecdotes teller showing us Swedish way of life, tradition and -important! - Stockholm Night Life and his favorite bars. He grew up within a great family tradition going back a few hundred years ago. His ancestors owned the biggest part of North Sweden, going back to Viking times… It’s a family tradition to spend six months in the very North of Sweden in a tiny family house in the middle of nowhere, isolated of civilisation and with nature as the only partner to deal with… He told us crazy stories about his time up in the cold North, an exile with opportunity to come back to civil life after the experience of loneliness.

He barely didn’t meet any human being, surrounded by trees and bears… Only once a week, he met some inhabitants in the “local” store providing groceries for a radius of Stockholm size. Communication in regular understanding and style of language weren’t possible and no matter the question he asked, the answer was the same: wrinkling the nose, moving the head in a fast and synchronised movement towards the sky, breathing out a loud “sniff”. “Thanks, I wish you a great day as well!"

…John made us discover a breeze of Scandinavian Night Life, introducing us to the bar that is his second living room, we discovered some new Swedish beers (still loving it!), a few too much so that I had to order food at late night when the kitchen had closed since a couple hours.

No problem, John had a short talk with the bar owner and one beer later I was served the most delicious pasta mushroom dish I had eaten for a long time!

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