Something unexpected in Stockholm pedestrian zone…

Something unexpected in Stockholm pedestrian zone… The shooting in Gamla Stan later in the afternoon was crowded in an expected dimension. It was an experiment for us as well as for the people that we filmed in the most famous and at the same time tiny narrow street Västerlangatan. In concert dress, I played, eye closed in the middle of this street, people rushing by, some were astonished about this unusual happening, some were in their usual rush so they didn’t realize, some stopped to watch and listen, especially kids (maybe for them it was normal😊). During the recording, of course, I only realized the wind of passengers “flying by”, the noise, the talk and some small collisions with peop

No beer after 6PM!

No beer after 6PM! It’s time to tell something about Swedish alcohol rules. If you had seen the night life with crowded bar and happy drinking and drunk people you wouldn’t say that the government is trying hard to keep Swedish people from drinking too much… The price of a beer is 8€ (you could have four in Germany…) and a virgin cocktail was 3,50€ instead of 11€ for the “grown up” cocktail, and I’m not exaggerating!! (Germany is crazy in the opposite way, on the famous Oktoberfest beer is cheaper than the same amount of water!). In Sweden, it’s strictly forbidden to drink any alcohol outside of the bar, not even at the entrance, the bar owner could lose his license! You cannot buy alcohol i

The "coolest" video shooting ever!!

Our video shooting in the ICEBAR Stockholm was the literally coolest recording ever! This wasn’t of course very unexpected as you need hard minus temperatures to keep the thick ice blocks alive while warm butts are sitting on them 😊 “Regular” ice bar guests without a cello receive a really big and thick jacket in Zorro style covering the whole body and of course nice and warm gloves not get frozen to their cocktail glass. Thanks to the very nice hotel manager we could use the bar during the day without guest (but without cocktails). We didn’t use the full capacity of these hours because in concert dress and playing with naked fingers, I soon felt like being one of these ice blocks myself! I

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