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Photo: Isabelle Fontaine

Ivan Knezevic was born in Belgrade and found his love for music early in life. As a four year old, he joined the Belgrade Choir "Kolibri". At the age of six, he decided all of his own accord that he was going to learn to play the violin. At a special school for music in Belgrade he received, in addition to advanced violin lessons, his first taste of chamber music and  orchestral playing.  Since then he has  played with great fervor in numerous established ensembles, nurturing his endless willingness  to share musical ideas and interpretations with others.

First prizes at national and international competitions have enabled him to continue his career abroad. At just 20 years old, he was invited to Chile as principal 1st violin of the Teatro Municipal. In Germany, he has also taken up the position of principal 1st violin in Hagen and Essen. Additionally, he played first violin for three years in the "Evenos String Quartet", working with internationally known musicians whilst touring all over Europe.

Ivan loves sharing his musical experiences with others and passing on his knowledge to the younger generation. He has taught at the Cuprjia Musical School for especially gifted children in Serbia, as well as been a lecturer for chamber music at the college of music in Belgrade. His masterclasses both in Serbia and Greece are famous for their vibrant and spirited style.


Ivans numerous  arrangements have enabled ICstring's repertoire to overcome musical boundaries, providing a seemingly unendless  range of possibilities.

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