With a view on Sierra Nevada

Before we even went to the city Granada, we had the greatest experiences in the mountains around Granada! Via Couchsurfing, we met Tom, an American musician in his fifties that had chosen his place for living thirty years ago, here in the Andalusian mountains, near the beauty of Sierra Nevada. Tom is a very interesting guy and great musician! He plays country folk and sings. He has several bands and CDs that he showed us. And already on the first evening, after a few Spanish beers, we did a jam session in his living room. He likes beer and has a lot of funny and interesting stories to tell of his life. We sat at the fireplace, talking, playing until sunrise... His house is like in a movie! A

Algarve and the last sausage before America

One of the greatest surf spots of the world is on Algarve, too bad that we don't surf! But, still it's a great place full of wonderful beaches and very special landscape! The rough coast with the rocks poking out of the water in different form and color with the dark blue Pacific ocean, still too cold to take a swim in the month of April. For our recording of the Portuguese video on the song "Meu Fado" (Mariza), it was perfect because the beach was still empty of tourists, only a few surfers enjoyed their lives outside in the virtuoso waves. Arriving on the most Western point of whole Portugal, the most exposed point of Europe (!),we had a crazy experience. We parked near to the Lighthouse

One day with Don Quixote de la Mancha

Consuegra is the little town that everyone knows from the legends. It's one of the most famous symbols of Spain and even the main picture of our Spanish Book is taken in Consuegra. Here are the windmills of Don Quixote! It's one thing to read about it or to see pictures, but way more exciting to see them live! From the road many kilometres away, we could already see the silhouettes of the windmills built on top of a hill. Driving up with the caravan on the tiny road along the hill already felt adventurous and seeing the "little windmills" in their original seize, was really impressing! It was around sunset and we were alone here! We could hear the footsteps of Don Quixote himself and his bre

A sunny day on the Cantabrian Coast!

After our concert in France, many recordings and over 1000km in two days, we needed a break to collect new inspiration, energy and recovering for our backs... So, we decided to take a day off and go for a hike to explore the Cantabrian coast where we ended up after our last stop "dragonstone" yesterday. The weather was more than perfect- "which you cannot expect at all on the Northern coast" - a local inhabitant told us. She said, today, it was not an option to take a walk, but a MUST and described us a nice hike on the coast that connects two lonely beaches. The excursion was a jackpot! Walking for hours in fresh and green grass along the coast with a permanent view on the light blue water

San Lorenzo El Estorial - Fairy Tale town near Madrid...

After our recording of the Spanish part of IMAGINE with dulcaina player David, our friends that we had met in France, waited for us in the local pub in San Lorenzo El Estorial, a wonderful and peaceful little city in the heart of the mountains near Madrid. What a great reunion! They came all together to welcome us and to show us their city and their traditions. And one of the most important tradition is (even before music:-) beer and food! It was Easter Sunday, the weather was great and the streets of this small town in the middle of mountains were full of people, children in Sunday dresses playing and running on the main square, their parents drinking coffee or chatting on the street. We s


Music Connects Europe! We didn't find our representant for Spain in Spain, but in France! Last september during the partnership celebrations in St. Quentin, a wonderful city in Northern France. It's the partner city of our town Kaiserslautern in Germany, but as well the partner city of San Lorenzo, near Madrid. We played with Duo ICstrings on the European celebration festival in St. Quentin and a group of Spanish artists performed there, too. It was an ensemble of Dulcaina, the traditional instrument of mid Spain (Castille y Leon), accompagnied by charming traditional dancers. We got along very well with them, admired their performance and spent lots of time with them in France, talking, cel


Salamanca celebrates the 800th birthday this year, in 1218 the university was founded, the oldest in Spain and one of the oldest in whole Europe! And still it attracts thousands of students all over the world to study in this magical and historical place! Nearly the whole city center consists of university buildings and libraries, amazing architecture, built on sand stone that creates a special charme. In between, original student pubs, little bakeries and some carnicerias where you can find the famous jamón. And the most beautiful Placa Major of whole Spain is in Salamanca - having seen this, you don't need to see the Placa Major in Madrid... The beauty of this special city attracts not onl

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