HORROR MOVIE location!!

I would like to tell you about the most scary location that we ever chose for filming and why at the end, we changed our mind... Our photographer friend Stephanie and specialist of abandoned places that we had met in Hedemora had made us a list with GPS coordinates of amazing (and abandoned!) places where we should go to record…: We pinned this list at the entrance of our caravan and it gives us an idea how to plan our route for the last week left in Sweden… Number one: The old Paper Fabrik that we found in the middle of some woods, was an experience that we didn’t “enjoy” until the end. After a long drive through the dense forest, we saw from far two red stoned chimneys starring out of the

Music Connects Europe - Instagram Connects People!

Music Connects Europe - Instagram Connects People! We didn’t choose our next destination, the destination chose us, thanks to Instagram! This internet platform is normally not a communication forum for real life, but this time it made us find a very special person in “3D”! (For person that are less used to the virtual way of life: Instagram is a platform to tell stories only with pictures, classified by different subjects. The communication consists in following and being followed by other users). We joined Instagram for our journey, and (maybe without being modest, sorry), our gallery from the trip happens to be very interesting and colourful showing different parts of our journey, if it m

The most "unperfect" timing...

We had a “charming shooting” in Gamla Stan in the early morning to take advantage of the sunrise dunking these narrow alleys in a shiny and golden colour reflecting under the matutinal sky… I liked the atmosphere in the sleeping town being witness how it slowly got back to life. Small road sweepers broke the silence, cornering around in the labyrinth cleaning every angle, diligent like ants. They just finished cleaning our favourite spot, a small square with colourful houses and a historical fountain standing proudly in the middle spitting water trustworthy since centuries. We were alone, only occasionally, some “early birds” going to early work at 6 in the morning crossed the place on bikes

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