Video shooting on a boat…

Video shooting on a boat… The next day, we were sitting in a motor boat with video equipment, instruments and concert dress. Sitting in the boat, playing and being filmed by the drone alone, making circles around us was the plan! And we did it on a perfect spot in between some tiny islands. Technique makes it possible and you can teach the drone how to fly and film, it will do it alone! But the landing in the boat was quite complicated. We hadn’t thought about the fact that the propeller needs quite a radius to land properly and a boat was way too small for a smooth landing, the wind made it even more difficult. Landing in the water would have been easy, but was not an option for us, we didn

"But how did you get there?" Stone recording

The shooting on the stone that we had chosen the day before, poking out in the middle of a lake, looked awesome, but the realization of the filming was tricky. Lots of people asked us after looking at the “stone picture” how this was possible (suggesting the funniest possible scenarios...;-). So here is the solution of the enigma: like gentlemen normally do, Ivan brought me to the stone by boat, I climbed on the slick rock, took cello and bow and tried to find a more or less comfortable pose to sit and wait. This was the was the easiest part… What happened behind the scenes was way more thrilling and I had the great privilege to observe! I told that it wasn’t an option any more to land the d

One paradise…

I might have mentioned that after our stay in the big cities, we were in desperate need of nature… We had a serious look at Google Maps searching for an appropriate National Park on our way from Stockholm to Mora: Färnebofjärden National Park won the game and we headed towards the North without detour, only stopped once in the last supermarket to buy tons of food (and fika!) to survive our time in the nature… We were lucky to find a campground on the lake that suited perfectly for our desire of quietness. We planned on taking a few days off from practicing, arranging, writing, rehearsing, organizing and filming (at least one of these tasks had accompanied us every day until now and we needed

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